03 Mar 2016

AISIN New Group logo

AG_logo_business_card.pngIt is our collective goal as a Group to provide new value to our worldwide customers. Aisin has adopted a new Group logo to articulate this objective.
Great companies don't back down from challenges.
They learn from their mistakes, turn failures into success, and act in the best interest of their customers and stakeholders. By this they ensure an exciting and brighter future to the company.
Through its history, AISIN has faced and conquered its share of challenges. And today, it has brought technology and quality to the highest possible level with the objective of becoming an irreplaceable global partner to customers and communities.
Aisin Europe aftermarket is part of this great company, and enjoys this legitimacy, that’s why the expansion of our product lines and their compatibility are based on the same values of quality and service that the entire group offers to the largest automobile manufacturers.