21 May 2015

Rough Trax New Aisin Dealer !

Rough Trax are Now An Authorised Dealer Of Aisin Components!

Some great news… w11103220_887794341270536_8016154670610399614_o.jpge’ve just secured an authorised dealership with Aisin, the Japanese firm responsible for manufacturing the majority of Toyota’s car components. A partnership like this is pretty hard to come by, so to say we’re chuffed is an understatement!

Take a closer look at your Toyota and you’ll discover that many of the car’s parts are engraved with the word ‘Aisin.’ That’s because Aisin is an OEM supplier for Toyota, and has been for many years. Toyota now owns 30% of Aisin, so we (and you) can be confident that all products are going to be excellent quality and perfect for the job.

We can’t help but feel confident in a company whose motto is ‘quality first.’ Aisin is renowned for manufacturing high value-added products that are both reliable and affordable. Each component is crafted with four things in mind: performance, safety, design and comfort.

Aisin manufactures an impressive range of products, covering almost all areas of auto, from the body, brake system and engine to the drivetrain and electronics. The company is renowned for its clutches, taking up the greatest market share of parts supplied and manufactured for Toyota.

Of course, what’s great news for us is great news for our customers. Securing this dealership means we’re able to provide you with high-quality car components for a fraction of the price of branded components… a win-win for all involved!