AISIN Ultra Long Life Coolant

For all makes and all models






From the world’s No 1 manufacturer  of OE automotive water pumps.

For all makes and all models

All makes and all modelsAisin Ultra Long Life Coolant meets worldwide technical OEM requirements for a vehicle coolant, so you can use it for mixed fleets:

·         The OAT backbone ensures compliance
with all European and American OEM specifications;

·         The phosphate in this hybrid P-OAT formula meets Japanese and Korean OEM coolant chemistry requirements (nearly  20% of new cars sold in the EU in 2016);

·         Can be used when G12 and G12+ specifications are required;

·         Additionally, and perhaps unique in Europe, Aisin coolant can claim Japanese Industry Standard (JIS) K 2234-2006 Class 2 approval for Long Life Coolants.


®     One premium coolant for mixed fleet use – all makes and models!


Long life: 250,000 km/5 years

Aisin Ultra Long Life Coolant is based on an advanced long-life P-OAT technology, in which the active inhibitors are depleted at a very slow rate, providing high coolant reliability and long life.

And the product has been put to the test! Lab tests and almost 2 million kilometers of taxi fleet trials have proved that our coolant boosts engine efficiency and fully protects engines with a long service life:

·         Recommended for up to 250,000 km / 5 years for cars  650,000 km for trucks and buses

·         Even after 220,000 km field trials show engine components look like new with no signs of deposits, erosion or corrosion;

·         Successful testing for materials compatibility (60% of water pump failures are due to seal failure).


WP¬ Condition of the water pump after more than 200 000 km


Protects engines in all conditions

This Aisin coolant provides robust protection against corrosion, cavitation and erosion, reducing the risk of expensive repair to engines, thermostats, radiators and water pumps:

·         Protection for engines in all conditions, from the harshest winters to the hottest summers;

·         Temperature range from -37°C to 129°C (under standard operating pressures) prevents engine failure due to coolant freezing or boiling.


Boosts engine efficiency

In addition to engine protection, heat transfer is a vital role of a vehicle coolant. Aisin Ultra Long Life Coolant provides superior heat transfer (because it doesn’t contain silicates) which boosts engine efficiency.

®     Engine runs longer and more efficiently, with reduced risk of overheating.


Stable with hard water

This innovative new coolant successfully overcomes the challenges faced with traditional phosphate-based coolants, principally relating to hard water:

·         Aisin coolant has excellent hard water stability thanks to its unique matrix of hard water stabilisers and sequestrants;

·         This stability prevents the formation of insoluble deposits (which reduce the efficiency and life of engine components).


Eco-friendly and User friendly!

Aisin coolant is a premium organic product (OAT) that is friendlier to the environment than traditional cool-ants, and it saves you time and money:

·         Free from silicates, nitrite, borate and amines; 

·         Avoids chemical inventory problems; 

·         Maintenance-free coolant;

·         Compatible with most other coolants based on ethylene glycol.


World leader in auto water pumps

Aisin is a major global supplier of OE auto parts and the world’s No1 manufacturer of OE automotive water pumps.

Now we have used this experience in vehicle cooling systems to develop Aisin Ultra Long Life Coolant a premium ready-to-use engine coolant for all makes and all models.

Premium hybrid technology

Our new Aisin premium coolant is specially formulated with latest-generation Organic Additive Technology (OAT) with a phosphate base, delivering coolant chemistry requirements for all leading OEMs worldwide, including Japanese and Korean brands.

This premium hybrid technology brings vehicle owners and the automotive aftermarket important benefits…

Aisin Ultra Long Life Coolant

·         All makes, all models

·         Ready-to-use

·         Long service life : 5years/250,000 km

·         Advanced P-OAT (hybrid technology)

·         Lower freezing point

·         Higher boiling point

·         Protects against corrosion, cavitation & erosion

·         Excellent hard water stability

·         Superior heat transfer due to absence of silicates

·         Eco-friendly and user-friendly




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Ultra Long Life Coolant