Clutch Release Cylinder




The clutch release cylinder (also known as the clutch slave cylinder) is the component that transfers hydraulic pressure, achieved through the clutch master cylinder, into a mechanical force to control the clutch fork. The force from the release cylinder engages and releases engine power to the transmission.





The clutch release cylinder is composed of the piston, cups, spring, and push rod, built within a precision machined body and covered with a boot. The boot provides protection from dirt, dust and debris from contaminating the push rod and piston. When the clutch pedal is pressed and the fluid pressure reaches the release cylinder, the piston moves the push rod out to apply force onto the clutch fork which releases the clutch. When the clutch pedal is released, the hydraulic pressure and the force of the return spring pulls back the push rod and send back the fluid to the master cylinder, therefore engaging the clutch.