Automatic Transmission, one of Aisin’s main products, has been widely used by more than 40 carmakers around the world. One out of every five A/T vehicles uses Aisin’s Automatic Transmission. Aisin is the world largest A/T supplier. Amongst the makers who have capability to design and manufacture A/T as well as high quality ATF, AISIN is one of the best choices. Ever since the development of A/T, the electronic and hydraulic components have become more complicated. Therefore it is very important to service A/T regularly.


  • Smooth starts under the coldest conditions: Eliminates start delays at low temperatures with superior low temperature flow characteristics.
  • Improved shift feel: Optimum friction properties deliver seamless gear changes without harsh shift shock.
  • Responsive starts and increased performance: Optimum friction properties reduce power loss, improve responses, and ensure reliability.